Leo Traits

Leo Man Personality And Traits

Leo Man

Fearless, passionate, charismatic and dramatic – meet the quintessential Leo man. He is not afraid to show his interest as it is unfathomable to a Leo that any woman will not be interested in him. He has a high opinion of himself, and guess what, he is usually right! A Leo man is fun to be with as he has boundless energy, playful attitude and an optimistic view of life.


Leo Woman Personality And Traits

Leo Woman

A Leo woman revels in her femininity – her inherent drama easily makes her the centre of attraction in most situations. She is competent, independent and well-groomed. You cannot find fault in her attitude, lifestyle and her loved ones, especially her children. Woe befalls him who tries to do so! For a Leo woman in love, her mate cannot have any faults as he is her choice, and she cannot be wrong.

Leo Zodiac Sign Personality And Traits

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)

The first thing that you will notice when you meet a person born under the sign of Leo, is his or her personality. It is very difficult to find a demure Leo. Like its namesake, the lion, the Leo individuals crave as well as demand centre stage, authority and admiration of their followers.

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