Leo Zodiac Sign Personality And Traits

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)

The first thing that you will notice when you meet a person born under the sign of Leo, is his or her personality. It is very difficult to find a demure Leo. Like its namesake, the lion, the Leo individuals crave as well as demand centre stage, authority and admiration of their followers.

They also have an almost insatiable thirst for luxury, beauty and power. Leos have very high expectations of themselves and a burning desire for luxury and achieving ‘greatness’. Therefore, they need an audience, namely people around them that can act as a mirror that can reflect their greatness and achievements.


Glory is something that all Leos are sub-consciously driven to achieve. They may also tend to be rather dogmatic and intolerant when it comes to certain belief systems, such as religion, though they do show enough open-mindedness to accept, if not approve of, other people’s beliefs. Leos can be generous to a fault, and are usually warm and caring individuals, who make faithful and loyal partners and friends.

It is rare to see a Leo fall from grace, as their community consciousness, traditional leanings and innate intelligence and above all, pride in their image, does not allow them to slip. But a Leo who has become power-hungry and harbors unfulfilled ambitions has the potential of turning intolerably haughty, selfish and corrupt. A typical Leo craves drama, and therefore is one of those rare people who thrives in adversity and take any bad situation as a challenge to be won.

This makes them a worthy leader, someone who is worth following. They have in them the capacity to motivate and inspire people around them to do their best even during the most unsettling times. The Key planet of Leo is the Sun, its color is gold, and the element is fire. The stone associated with Leo is Ruby. Its rules the fifth house of the horoscope and its corresponding tarot card is Strength.

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