Leo Woman Personality And Traits

Leo Woman

A Leo woman revels in her femininity – her inherent drama easily makes her the centre of attraction in most situations. She is competent, independent and well-groomed. You cannot find fault in her attitude, lifestyle and her loved ones, especially her children. Woe befalls him who tries to do so! For a Leo woman in love, her mate cannot have any faults as he is her choice, and she cannot be wrong.


A Leo makes for a passionate mate and is usually compatible with other fire signs. Leo women are especially protective of their children and treat them as a lioness will treat their cubs by creating a shelter around them and trying to keep them away from experiencing any hardships in life. There cannot be any mother more caring than a Leo mom! But as the children grow up, they may find the discipline and sheltered love their Leo mom a little stifling.

Therefore, a Leo woman’s main challenge lies in recognizing and walking the thin line between being concerned and motivating as compared to becoming interfering and bossy. The Leo woman derives considerable pleasure from making people jealous by flaunting her assets – physical as well as material. She prefers expensive gifts and is usually high-maintenance. Constant and unfailing attention is something that they demand from their partners and if ignored, they will show their displeasure in more ways than one.

Maybe this is why shy Leo is an oxymoron! If the Leo woman regards anyone highly and that person does not see her in the same light, it is completely unacceptable for her pride. She may then become either extremely dramatic about it or turn to mocking and discrediting the person. She may even become vengeful. But as Leos forgive easily, it is also possible that the Lioness may simply leave the person alone and go look for greener and richer pastures

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