Leo Man Personality And Traits

Leo Man

Fearless, passionate, charismatic and dramatic – meet the quintessential Leo man. He is not afraid to show his interest as it is unfathomable to a Leo that any woman will not be interested in him. He has a high opinion of himself, and guess what, he is usually right! A Leo man is fun to be with as he has boundless energy, playful attitude and an optimistic view of life.


Be wary of his wrath however, as an enraged Leo guy has a lot in common with the king of the jungle’s ferocity. Their ability to quickly forgive and not hold a grudge makes this trait of theirs bearable. A little flattery will take you far with a Leo man! A Leo man can never be happy in a sub-ordinate position; can you imagine a lion taking orders from a rabbit? Therefore, the more he is able to achieve authority in his life, the happier he will be, as his need to be acknowledged will get fulfilled.

They are hardwired to be independent and responsible and will more often than not fight to preserve their pride and honor by any means necessary. When these traits become exaggerated, they become overbearing, disdainful, arrogant and ravenous pleasure-seekers. As a Leo man is competitive, his boy-toys will always have to be the flashiest, most expensive and envy-enticing. He may be obsessed with experiencing all material pleasures, but is also very generous with his gifts.

He is never mean with money and shares his glory with his sub-ordinates and near and dear ones freely. As Leos derive their sense of achievement from other how other people perceive them, they can get hurt very easily. If a Leo’s affections are not returned, he tends to become sulky and carries a feeling of betrayal towards that person. Still, once they decide someone to be worthy of their love and attention, they seldom renege and usually remain loyal friends till the end.

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